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    The most complete grow buildout solution for new cannabis facilities.

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  • Cannabis facility design &
    custom buildout solutions

    Fully engineered veg rooms, flower rooms, dry/cure rooms, C1D1/D2 extraction labs, and prebuilt units.

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  • Over $2 million in engineering development

    Since 2012

  • C1D1/D2 Extraction Labs

    Fully certified to meet all Denver City local and state requirements – the strictest regulations in the country.

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  • Shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

    Our fleet of vehicles delivers your new cannabis facility, container, or extraction lab directly to you.

Founded in 2012

EnviroGrow is the most experienced modular grow system fabricator in the cannabis industry.

Design & Engineering

Our knowledgeable engineers design your facility from the ground up including veg/flower, dry/cure, and extraction lab(s).

Custom Fabrication

Our grow areas are custom fabricated and shipped directly to you for the fastest possible speed-to-market with the highest quality of material.

Fully Scalable

Ability to expand your grow rooms over time or add a second level mezzanine to fully optimize your available cannabis facility grow area.

Speed to Market

Customized rooms fully configured and shipped directly to you in order to begin production within a matter of weeks.


Local & state approval, factory preparation of units, and issuance of of your extraction lab stamp to meet all cannabis compliance regulations.

EnviroGrow will meet or beat any comparative quote of similar services. Please contact us and inquire about our price guarantee for more information.

Interested in getting started? Contact one of our sales engineers now to discuss how EnviroGrow can help get your cannabis facility up and running quickly and within budget.

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EnviroGrow solutions to meet all your needs

EnviroGrow offers a multitude of cannabis grow facility solutions including modular veg/flower rooms, fully automated dry/cure rooms, certified C1D1 and C1D2 extraction labs, and prebuilt systems to ensure immediate speed to market.