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The X1 and X2 Series

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The X Series C1/D1 extraction labs are the perfect choice for new or existing cannabis extraction facilities of all sizes. They have been uniquely engineered to meet all code compliance requirements while keeping your budget in mind.

With a minimal starting cost, the X1 and X2 Series offer all the basic specifications of our competitors at the same price, but also include extras such as a larger interior space and the ability to upgrade the unit based on local regulations such as a makeup air system, a dry-chem fire suppression system, an off gas barrel, and many others.

The X Series also includes the patented EnviroGrow Automation System with all base models which monitors all gas levels and triggers emergency events, setting it miles apart from the competition.

More Info

  • The most advanced C1/D1 labs available for the commercial cannabis industry.
  • Utilizes the patented EnviroGrow Automation System which monitors all activity within the lab at all times to trigger airflow and siren/alarms upon gas detection.
  • Fully upgradable to meet regulations in all parts of the country including Denver City.
  • System can be upgraded as needed to meet upcoming regulations to ensure full compliance of your lab(s) over the coming years.
  • Meets all code compliance requirements including IFC Section 2005, 2005.4, 2005.5, 2006.6, 2703, IMC 510, OSHA and NFPA.

Exterior Dimensions:  12’W x 7’D x 10’H
Interior Dimensions:  11’ 10”W x 6’ 10”D x 9’ 10”H
Square Footage:  81 sq. ft.

Exterior Dimensions:  12’W x 12’Dx 10’H
Interior Dimensions:  11’ 10”W x 11’ 10”D x 9’ 10”H
Square Footage:  140 sq. ft.


Structure Type: 18 gauge, G-90 galvanized steel construction
Door: 36”(B) Fire Rated door with window, door closer and panic bar
Control System: EnviroGrow Interlock System
Exhaust Motors: Belt-Drive Class 1 Div. 1 fan 1719CFM@0.25” static pressure
Exhaust Fans: 12″ Hazardous Location, 3-Phase Tubeaxial Fan
Ventilation Flow Rate: Base 500 CFM, high flow rate 1719 CFM
Gas Sensor: HONEYWELL Sensepoint XCD Gas Detector
Light Fixture: Explosion Proof LED Light – Class 1 Div 1
Explosion Relief Vent: Magnetic Seal Deflagration Vent (2’x2′)
Alarms & Warnings: C1D1 Horn and Strobe, Typical Horn and Strobe
Emergency Stop: C1D1 Stop
Exit Sign: Exit Sign w/Emergency Light
Firestop: Thermal Safe Wall Penetration
Electrical Supply: (1) 20-amp 208v circuit, single phase. (2) fans@ 4.8 amps


Standalone Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System  $3,994
(2)PCI -17 lb ABC cylinders w/ brackets, 120 VAC Bell, Solenoid Monitor w/(2) NO/NC Contacts, 325 Degree Heat Detector

FRP exhaust fan, 30″ 10,500 CFM (NEMA-3R)  $10,595
Spark A NEMA premium efficient motor, motor w/ insulation, Permatector coating, NEMA 3R Disconnect, isolators, access door, gravity back draft damper, weather hood, spare belt.

Variable Frequency Drive  $3,346
ABB Variable Frequency Drive w/ Circuit Breaker 208/3/60 Graphic and Multilingual Display

Hand Sink with Emergency Eyewash Attachment  $446
Hand Sink With Eye Wash Faucet is made using 20-gauge stainless steel for lasting durability and resistance to corrosion.

30 Gallon Open Head Carbon Steel Off Gas Barrel  $220
18g Steel (used to off gas spent material) with roller base.

Stainless Steel Table (48″L x 24″W)  $108
18 gauge 430 Series stainless steel top is perfect for all light duty applications. 500 lb. weight capacity evenly distributed.

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