20’ Prebuilt Extraction Lab

Developing a safe location that is code compliant to operate hydrocarbon extraction equipment can be an expensive and complex task. To be a successful operation, it is imperative that safety and compliance are a top priority in the operation.

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Proper ventilation, gas detection alarms, warning signs, and Class:1 Div:1 components are just some of the things that will need to be addressed when creating a system that meets compliance.


Unit Size: 20’L x 8’W x 8’6”H

Interior Space:

  • Entrance: 11’L x 7’6”W x 7’9”H
  • Extraction: 7’6”L x 7’6”W x 7’9”H

Enclosure: Class 1 Div 1/ Class 1 Div 2

Insulated Panels: 4″ C1D1 Construction

Inbound Air Control: Inbound air filtration system removes dust, odor, and smoke

Exhaust: High CFM fan, compliant for butane extraction

Power Supply: 50 amp requirement

Location: Indoor and Outdoor (with rubber membrane and drip edge)


Safety: Envirogrow interlock system LEL meters, Horn+Strobe, eyewash

Security and Surveillance: 24 Hour wireless access and control of locks

Are these pre-built units compliant with national codes?

We have designed and engineered our pre-built units to meet all national codes for building, fire, mechanical, and electrical.

What type of ventilation/filter is used?

Our pre-built units are engineered and designed with our patent pending Inbound Air Filtration System. This filtration system ensures nothing but clean filtered air enters the container. They rely on either 8″, 10″, or 12″ whole container scrubbers with carbon filters to move the air.

What size door opening do these units require?

Our pre-built container units require a 10′ x 10′ door opening.

What is the best way to move these units around once they are inside a building?

The units are easily mobile on smooth concrete using heavy duty container skates.

Are fire rated panels used in these units?

No, because these units are built inside steel shipping containers, we do not equip them with our fire rated panels. Not using a 4″ or even 6″ fire rated panel reduces overall cost to produce the unit and increases the overall cubic working space.

How big are the vent hoods in the units?

Our hoods cover floor to ceiling to ensure air movement over the entire operating space.

Do these units have fire suppression systems?

Yes, our pre-built extraction units have a independent fire suppression system included.

Are they available in different sizes?

They are available in 20′ and 40′ units.

Does EnviroGrow offer any sort of calibration of the units?

Yes, Envirogrow will notify you of unit’s scheduled calibration dates at time of purchase. Failure to calibrate or improperly calibrated LEL meters could bring catastrophic conditions.

What happens if there is a high LEL reading?

All our extraction labs come equipped with EnviroGrow’s patent pending interlock system. In the event of a high LEL reading, there are a series of emergency safety precautions that will occur in the unit to ensure the operators safety.

What makes EnviroGrow’s extraction units different from competitors?

Our units are fully fitted with an insulated inserts. These units are engineered and designed to house the extraction space, as well as post processing space with room for off gassing.

What types of extraction operations can be run in this unit?

These units are designed for hydrocarbon extractions.

What additional assembly or connections will need to be made to be up and running?

These pre-built units are fully manufactured. They require minimal assembly to operate. Final connections to power and venting (if necessary) are required.

What if I want to use Co2?

EnviroGrow offers CO2 pre-built units for Co2 extractions. This is a slimmed down unit compared to hydrocarbon, because there is no risk of explosion. They are still designed with all the necessary safety concerns needed when using Co2.

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