EnviroVeg Grow Rooms

The cannabis cultivation industry is about growing multiple strain types of high grade flower consistently, without loss. Loss in the industry comes from contamination, theft, and poorly set up facilities. The EnviroGrow system and components eliminate the possibility of contaminants and stop theft with security presence.

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Whether you’re starting a new operation or looking to expand, our EnviroRooms offer several different growing solutions designed to enhance your grow operation. The EnviroGrow system provides cannabis growers with complete control of their growing environment from start to finish.


Insulated Panels: 4” thick, R32 value, UL listed

Inbound Air Control: Inbound air filtration system removes dust, odor, and smoke

Location: Indoor and outdoor (with rubber membrane and drip edge)


Garden Control: Full wireless control (HVAC, irrigation, lights and nutrients scheduling)

Grow Lights: Compatible with fluorescent, HPS, and LED

Irrigation: Compatible with flood and drip

Security and Surveillance: Wireless access and control of locks

Insulated Floor: Adds 4” to height

How do the EnviroVeg rooms differ from the EnviroFlower rooms?

The EnviroVeg rooms are specifically designed with lighting systems, trays, and ballasts to optimize the vegetative process.

Why would I want to grow in individual rooms, rather than large open grows?

At Envirogrow, we believe the best way to control the growing environment is to have smaller individual rooms, eliminating a problem in the grow on an individual basis, reducing the risk of whole facility loss.

Can I use my preferred light fixture?

Absolutely, our veg/flower units can be outfitted to accommodate any type of grow light on the market.

Are these grow rooms compliant with national codes?

Our grow rooms are built to meet all national codes for building, fire, mechanical, and electrical.

Are the grow rooms available in different sizes?

Yes, the possibilities are endless with this modular type panel. They also have the ability to create 2 story units.

Is this system modular?

Yes, this system can simply be expanded at any time.

Are these rooms insulated?

Yes, our panel systems are insulated.

Does this type of panel have the ability to add a second floor?

Yes, with the installation of load bearing beams, this system can have a second floor.

How long do they take to construct?

Depends on the size of the units. Our panel systems are simple to assemble. We provide all the needed info and support that makes for a simple, hassle free construction.

What size door opening do these units require?

All parts for a veg/flower unit can fit through a standard 36″ door. Our pre-built units in containers require a 10′ x 10′ door opening.

Are these rooms vented?

Our units are engineered and designed using EnviroGrow’s inbound air filtration system for ventilation. This system allows for only filtered air to enter the room.

Do these units have fire suppression systems?

No, fire suppression does not come standard on these units. We recommend if fire suppression is desired or required that you connect to the facility’s existing sprinkler system.

Can I hang equipment on the walls?

Yes, these panels have the ability to hang light to medium components using through bolts.

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