20’ Prebuilt Dry/Cure

EnviroGrow has created the ultimate curing environment that allows for slow, even drying, keeping the humidity similar inside and outside the foliage. This allows enough time for pigments to degrade. This slow type of curing allows buds to dry enough so that mold does not grow when it is stored. When product is dried and cured improperly, potency can diminish substantially. This traps chlorophylls and other pigments, starches and nitrates within plant tissue, making it taste poor and burn unevenly. The cannabinoid levels in a plant are determined by its genetics. Proper drying and curing will keep the levels as high as genetically possible.

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Assuming each pound of dry weight will need 20 sq. feet of initial racking space, and that 20% of wet weight will ultimately be dry weight, then our system is able to dry up to 1,200 lbs. in this space.

The system will remove approximately 115 gallons of water over a 7 day period, with about 30% of that happening in the first 24 hours, removing 40 gallons of water on day 1.


Inbound Air Control: Inbound air filtration system removes dust, odor, and smoke

Power Supply: 50 amp requirement

Insulated Panels: 4” thick, R32 value, UL listed

Drying System: EnviroGrow drying system

Heating/Cooling: Chilled Water

Location: Indoor and Outdoor (with rubber membrane and drip edge)


Why use EnviroGrow dry/cure containers?

In order to produce a perfect product, you must ensure an ideal drying process that is consistent. EnviroGrow has created a mobile system in a insulated container to do just that.

Are these units compliant with national codes?

We have designed and engineered these units to be compliant with all national codes for Building, fire, mechanical, and electrical.

How do you ensure consistency?

These units have a operating system that tracks data from previous harvests. This ensures consistent drying by strain type.

How long does it take to dry?

These units dry product in 5-7 days.

How much product can you dry in this container?

Our 130sf unit can dry up to 175lbs of wet material at a time.

Is product put in racks or baskets?

Our units have several options as to the type of drying you prefer; racks, baskets, carts, or trays.

How does it cure?

The system is designed to dry product, and has the ability to be used as a secure location to cure product.

What sizes do they come in?

We offer 2  sizes, 20′ and 40′, insulated pre-built dry/cure containers.

What size door opening do these units require?

Our pre-built dry/cure containers require a 10′ x 10′ door opening.

Do these units have fire suppression systems?

No, fire suppression does not come standard on these units. We recommend if fire suppression is desired or required, that you connect to the facility’s existing sprinkler system.

Do these units have cameras?

Yes, we offer a security package on all of our dry/cure units. This system monitors both the operator as well as operations in the unit.

What else needs to be done until the unit is up and running?

20′ Pre-built Dry/Cure units require 60 amps of power. (Optional sprinkler system connection to unit)

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