Our Process

EnviroGrow has a unique approach to the design and development needs of our clients. As the cannabis industry is now trending towards large-scale commercial grow facilities, EnviroGrow services and products provide the fastest opportunity for speed-to-market, utilizing the most advanced grow technologies, at the lowest cost.

  • Project Review

    We specialize in the interior design and buildout of cannabis facilities from 5,000 t0 200,000 square feet in size.

  • Engineering & Design

    Our experienced engineers review your facility floor plan in collaboration with your architect, partners, and you to design the interior of your grow space for maximum grow potential.

  • Fabrication

    All wall paneling and equipment is custom fabricated, cut, tested, and fit out at our 60,000 square foot Connecticut facility then crated and prepared for delivery.

  • Direct Shipping

    Your equipment and fabricated environmental wall paneling is crated and shipped directly to your facility using our commercial trucks to ensure proper handling during shipment.

  • Buildout

    Your grow rooms and extraction lab(s) are installed by your contractors within a matter of weeks not months. We provide full support to guide you through this easy process.

  • Cultivate

    All cultivation rooms are fully engineered for optimal product yield within environmentally-controlled rooms utilizing the latest in cannabis grow technologies.